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The Aim Of The Game Is To Dice To A "TOTAL" Of 15 Or Get As Close As Possible.

All Diced Eyes Of Each Player Are Always Added To The "TOTAL" Counter.
(That Means: Every Player Continues With The "TOTAL" Counter From The Previous Player)

Each Time, The Active Player Reaches A "TOTAL" Bigger Than 15, He Looses 1 Of 6 Lives.

If The "TOTAL" Equals 15, The Next Player Looses 1 Life And Continues To Play, With The Counter Reset To "0".

If The "TOTAL" Is Below 15, The Active Player Decides To Play Again Or Let The Next Player Continue.

If The "TOTAL" Equals "0", Two Dices Must Be Used To Play, Otherwise, 1 Or 2 Dices Can Be Selected To Play.

You Get:

- 2 Dices
- 6 Lives
- 100$ Entry Fee

The Betsum Can Be Set Between 10$ And 100$ , But Cannot Be Higher Than The Lowest Remaining Money From Any Player.

A Round Is Over When Only 1 Player Has Lives Left.

The Game Is Won When All Opponents Are Out Of Money.
The Following Modes Are Available (Some Have To Be Unlocked).

- 3 Opponents:     (Standard Mode)
- 2 Opponents:     (Unlock By Winning A Round In Standard Mode) Or Visit The Shop
- 1 Opponent:      (Unlock By Winning A Round With 2 Opponents) Or Visit The Shop

Each Opponent Mode Can Be Played With 3 Different Dice Modes.

- Unlimited Dicing Attempts:    (Standard Mode)
- Max. 2 Dicing Attempts:      (Unlock By Winning 2 Rounds In Standard Mode) Or Visit The Shop
- Max. 1 Dicing Attempt:        (Unlock By Winning 2 Rounds With 2X Dicing Mode) Or Visit The Shop
During The Game, You Can Unlock 4 Different Jokers, Which Will Remain Unlocked In The Next Rounds Until Used.

Once Used, They Will Be Locked Again And It Gets Harder To Get Them.

                  'SKIP DICING'
                  Dice The Requested Number Of Pairs To Unlock.
                  [Let You Skip Dicing: i.e. If Opponent Raised "TOTAL" To 14 And It's Your Turn]

                  'CHOOSE NEXT PLAYER'
                  Dice The Requested Times A "TOTAL" Of 15 To Unlock.
                  [Let You Choose The Player Who Should Continue Instead Of You]

                  'CHOOSE DICE'S EYES'
                  Dice The Requested Times A "TOTAL" Of 14+1 To Unlock.
                  [Let You Choose The Eyes For Each Dice Without Dicing]

                  'UNDO LAST DICING'
                  Win The Requested Number Of Rounds To Unlock.
                  [Active As Soon As Unlocked: Removes Your Last Added Eyes From
                  "TOTAL" Counter If Over 15, And Gives You A Second Chance To Dice Or Skip]

                  'HIDDEN JOKER'
                  .......Try To Find It!
                  [Let You Choose A Joker To Unlock]

!! Jokers Can Only Be Used At The Beginning Of Your Turn !!

The Jokers Can Be Very Important During The Game, So Use Them Wisely!

If You Need More Jokers During A Game, Use 1 Credit To Unlock A Set Of Them.
           500 Pts. For Reaching A "TOTAL" Of 15 & Making Opponent Loose A Life.

           1000 Pts. For Reaching A "TOTAL" Of 15 & Making Opponent Loose His Last Life.

           3000 Pts. When "TOTAL" Was 14 & You Dice "1" To Stay In Game.

           5000 Pts. For Winning A Round.

           10000 Pts. For Winning A Game.

By Winning A Round, You Get The Following Additional Points:

- Lives Left x Betsum x Round Wins
- All Joker Levels x 100
- Unused Jokers x 500

By Winning A Game, You Get The "JACKPOT" + Money Added To Your Score.
The Jackpot Gets Smaller After Each Round. (Jackpot / Rounds)

You Get The Diced Eyes(x10) Added To Your Score (Pair=2 x Eyes(x10)).
- It's Not Always The Best Strategy To Raise The Total Close To 15, It All Depends On
  How Many Opponents Are Left, How Many Lives They Have Left, And Your Own Lives.

- If You Play Against 1 Opponent, You Have To Think Different, Your Opponent Tries
  To Play Close To 15 And That's What You Should Also Try.
  If You Get 15, You Lose The Advantage Of Starting Dicing.

- If You Play With 2 Dices, Certain Totals Of Diced Eyes Are Easier To Achieve Like "7",
  Because The Most Combinations Of 2 Dices Get 7. (1+6; 2+5; 3+4; 4+3; 5+2; 6+1)
  So Don't Hesitate To Play With 2 Dices At The Right Time.

- Tap Several Times On The Opponents Number Dice When Beginning A New Game,
   To Change Their Names And Amount Of Money.
- Visit The Ingame Shop To Unlock All Available Game Modes Instantly,
  All Ads Are Removed At The Same Time.
  (Game Modes Can Also Be Unlocked For Free While Playing, As Noted Above)

- Jokers Are Also Unlockable By Using 1 Credit, If You Can't Wait To Achieve Them.
  (Unlocked Jokers Get Locked When Starting A Whole New Game)

- If You Get Out Of Money During A Game, Use 1 Credit To Stay In Game.

Good Luck!