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1) Put A Finger On Each Ball In Order (1-8 Depending On Level). When All Fingers Are In Place, The Balls Get Movable.
2) Move The Balls To The Corresponding Coloured Rings. Once A Ball Is In Place, You Can Release That Finger.
3) Avoid Black Holes.
Don't Touch Wrong Coloured Rings.
4) All Balls Must Be On Target And You Need To Get Minimum 1 Star In Each Level To Complete It And Unlock The Next One.
Don't Touch Fingers Among Themselves.
* Try To Reach The Targets As Fast As Possible To Get More Points. Find The Best Way To Fastly Get The First Few Balls In Place.

* Each Level Is Solvable Without Losing Energy And With 3 Stars, So Don't Despair On It.

* If A Level Seems To Be Impossible, Try To Turn Your iPad In Another Direction, Or Try With Other Fingers.
* Another Way To Complete A Difficult Level Is To Play At Two Or Three Or More, But You Need To Coordinate Your Moves.

* The Timer Starts As Soon As You Put The 1st Finger On Ball Nr.1, So Place The Other Fingers Fast To Achieve More Points.

* Put Your Fingers On The Balls Without Touching The 1st Ball With Your 1st Finger, To Test Finger Positions Without Playing.

* To Get 3 Stars On Higher Levels, Play Them Several Times Consecutively, To Find Better Ways To Solve Them & Raise Score.

* The Levels Can Still Be Solved, Even If The Countdown Has Reached "0", And You Have Energy Left.

* Long Nails Are Really An Handicap In This Game.

* Avoid Putting A Finger Too Flat On The Screen, Because The iPad Interpret It As A Double Touch, Causing A Fault In The Game.

* Don't Give Too Much Pressure On Your Fingers, To Avoid Double Touches, And Preventing You From Gliding Easily And Fast.
The Score You Get For Each Ball On Target Depends On The Remaining Time & Energy.

Read The Tips To Improve Your Gameplay.